Millionaire Society Review

June 22nd, 2015

How I went from Dead-Broke to Banking over $378.29 Daily from the Millionaire Society alone

(being a complete newbie and not paying a dime towards paid traffic)

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Snapshots from one of my ClickBank Accounts using video training

My Snapshots are 100% genuine taken right from my own account, over $300+ weekly from a blog I don’t touch! My website, that was simple to create with step-by-step instructions from the Millionaire Society now runs and makes money without me. I make a $44.36 sale daily or sometimes double or triple on each blog I have. BTW: I have no prior experience, I’m a complete newbie, all a knew was how to send an email!

millionaire society

Even on Christmas Day 2011

Potential / Mack Michaels Income

These are Mack Michael’s take home pay every week, all direct deposits into his bank account! It’s up to $15,830.62+ – I find this crazy money, he’s an expert, if he can make $15k+ himself I’m posiitve that he can help you make $150-300+ !

About Me

Hi I’m Dave Quinn, I’m an affiliate marketer and a family man. I currently live in New York (USA) and come from Bristol in the UK. I have two kids and a wonderful wife, as you probably could imagine when I lost my job as a Sales Consultant I had the stress and pressure of providing for my family. Like many people I resorted to the internet with the inspiration of the constant success stories you have been hearing about. I searched around the internet for along time to try find something that would make me money online. I only had the basic computer skills and I couldn’t find a job in this recession. I bought product after product that promised the world but I couldn’t find something geniune, even the reviews of the products were lies upon lies.

About the Club

The Millionaire Society Club is an exclusive club by Mack Michaels, a mentor which created a huge club before called Maverick Money Makers. I bought The Millionaire Society a couple of days ago and decided to devote a whole website/blog with an in-depth review into the product. Overall I have to say it is a great product with many benefits as I have been struggling to make money online beforehand. I was trying every software, course, ebook… you name it! I was just getting no where! Millionaire Society was the only club which brought me back into the internet marketing world and I was very successful with it, I highly recommend it. Read on to get my in-depth review and to find out how you can get a $20 discount. My quick star rating of the course

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Today there are so many people making money online it’s unreal!

Other Products Comparison

I would like to start off this review by saying there is allot of crap on ClickBank, especially in recent days. All of these auto traffic so called ‘software’ is really just a technique which doesn’t bring you much traffic and leaves you with no money in your ClickBank account. Maverick Money Makers and the Millionaire Society seem to be the only products which I haven’t gotten a refund for. Millionaire Society Review An example of a crap product on ClickBank is Auto Traffic Avalanche or Auto Mass Traffic, it created such a hype that it had this special one click software that would drive millions of visitors to my website, it was almost too good to be true, guess what? I was right, it was. The whole course was about facebook ads! That really annoyed me but I started the course with an open mind. I didn’t make a single sale and ended up spending nearly £50 on facebook advertising. How much was in my clickbank account? ZERO! I was so annoyed! I just wanted to start off the review by exclaiming my frustration about other crap out there on the net! It also left me in a bit of a bad financial debt with facebook and I couldn’t pay it off at the time, in fact it was only yesterday I clicked the make a payment button and paid it off. Millionaire Society ReviewMillionaire Society is a unique course as it provides not only one ‘puzzle piece’ as Mack Michaels describes it but the whole thing all in an in-depth members area. Now I’m not one of those affiliates who give a crap review and not be honest just to put a couple of bucks in my ClickBank account. I have to say I was a bit lost when I first started out, there was SO MUCH there it was unreal. Included in the course is

  • Mentoring – a range of HD step-by-step videos
  • Skillsets – training videos
  • Blueprints – quick step-by-step guides
  • Rolodex – links to useful websites
  • Labs – new developments
  • VIP Section

You can view Mack Michaels tour video on the homepage of the Millionaire Society and by clicking Private Tour. So yeah, I was a bit lost – simply I didn’t know where to start!

My Earnings

So now, the fun part – when I found my way and started to apply the course. After watching some of the mentoring on different aspects I quickly put some pieces together and with help of the blueprints I got started with some simple methods of advertising and that was writing a simple article (I was also taught how to outsource this). Now I don’t want to reveal to much info as most lightly I’ll have Mack Michaels lawyers shouting across the phone but let’s just say I submitted the article and made a couple of bucks the next day. So I know what you’re thinking, $20? Well it’s a starting point for me as I never actually made any money with ClickBank before, I bought loads of courses but they simply didn’t work or were just too complicated. Now I knew, Mack Michaels was the way to go! I then repeated the EXACT same steps I did and doubled my profits instantly! I was making over $40-50 a day. The articles lasted for about a 3 days (they made money for that period). So it was a bit of money. I was ready to head for the big bucks, I was confident enough to go ahead and continue.

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The Club Support

Now here’s something really unique, I got a phone call! No they weren’t trying to sell me anything, what they did was… Guide me through some things and make sure that everything was okay, talk about customer service! I was then expecting this guy to sell me something, but he didn’t! He also told me there was full 24/7 email support from Mack Michaels expert team, happy days!

This was (as you could imagine) great contrast between the service I was getting before with these so called ‘auto traffic methods’, turns out there’s no such thing. The only auto-traffic method out there was when you have an email list with a million targeted people, you send out an email and they buy the product (with a 1% conversion rate) but it takes ages to build that up and you can’t buy it. I tried email marketing, I built up a huge list and was sending out quality content every week, one week I would try promote a course exactly how they showed me to and I didn’t make anything.

Overall Outcome

What I’m trying to say is… The Millionaire Society worked for me, right now I have applied 3 techniques, one which was the article technique I did twice and here’s is how much I’m earning… I also tried another simple technique, you’ll see what I mean when you login and you see the direct videos and blueprints. To be honest with you, I was so happy and I’m so happy still! I’m not going to go now and show you someone elses ClickBank account but what I will show you is Mack Michaels, go to the homepage and click income potential.

So – I have gone from $0-100 a day in just a couple of days. Now of course I’m not saying it’s gonna work for you (I’m pretty sure it will though), not much motivation required. I’m not gonna lie – there is the setup process which is needed but that you will get by. Now of course the more work is done the more money you can make, Mack Michaels earned over $4 million last year, which I think it pretty good  but that all comes down to what techniques you’re gonna apply and how you’re gonna apply them.

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Where’s the millions?

Some people buy the course (just how people buy any product) expecting for a button that says make money and it works, well unfortunately there is none :( but if one comes out Mack Michaels will be the first one to tell you. One of the main reason that so many people make millions upon millions of dollar from one ClickBank account alone is due to the fact that they have

  • Huge email lists
  • Huge websites
  • Products
  • JV Partners
  • Fortune 500 Advertising budget

Don’t believe these guys who claim to make thousands of dollars off their simple ‘one click technique’ – it’s all crap. Oh yeah and you’re not gonna make money within the next hour as they always claim, you can start within the next hour that’s true but not make money.


Now the price, it’s $97 monthly! I know it’s a pretty heavy price. For me, I earned it back within the first 3-4 days, but what I can do is apply a discount code to the order form which brings it down from $95 to $75 for the first month, plus there is a money back guarantee (which is also guaranteed by ClickBank), you can get the Millionaire Society Discount by clicking here.

Steps on how you can get started

Listen I’m just gonna be blunt, if you wanna make money online and are serious about it follow these steps

  • Get the Millionaire Society
  • Spend 2 hours + on watching and learning the videos (maybe take some notes)
  • Apply the techniques given (2 hours +)
  • Watch the money roll in (4-5 days)
  • Repeat the process

If you’re not willing to do this give up on making money online and get a job!

I hope you found this review useful and you’re comments are appreciated, please don’t spam and please give your experience with Mack Michaels products including Maverick Money Makers and others.

Now if you simply don’t have the money for the course I recommend you start out with this

  • Create a ClickBank account
  • Go to Go
  • Choose a good product
  • Do a review of the product or re-write a review
  • Post it on Go and include around 2 links to your affiliate link but don’t make it so obvious

Good luck & enjoy the course!

Dave Quinn
Millionaire Society Member & Affiliate Marketer

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  1. Wendy
    November 25th, 2010 at 00:38 | #1

    Fantastic, good to actually see some results posted, rather than just selling. Enjoyed the review. Looking forward to trying it soon and absorbing all the abundant info – hopefully no overload! Thank you!

  2. Latvia
    November 26th, 2010 at 21:41 | #2

    I heard people r makin 10000 a day from CB, this true?

  3. Dave Quinn
    November 27th, 2010 at 10:29 | #3

    Well Latvia this is a fantasy for a beginner, but people who make this type of money from clickbank normally have products + loads of blogs so they have multiple income streams, one blog could make you $50 a day but make 15-30 blogs (over a period of time) you’ll be making this sort of money. Setting up a product is another great way as it generates 10x the amount of income than being an affiliate, take a look at the income potential page where Mack Michaels shows you his ClickBank account (go to the menu and it’s under Millionaire Society Review).

    Hope this helped Latvia and good luck! :)

  4. November 28th, 2010 at 19:57 | #4

    Great review honest and it the same thoughts I had about the product. It´s great and after buying a lot of promising products and software the Millionaire Society is the whole package you need to make money with. It´s the whole puzzle with great blueprint how to do it. I have to say…..thanks :)

  5. Dave Quinn
    November 28th, 2010 at 21:27 | #5

    Many thanks for all your comments, please share the site and refer to your friends, I highly recommend you also become an affiliate for the Millionaire Society so you’re able to earn some money, then show people this website for the review.

  6. malen nak
    December 3rd, 2010 at 08:48 | #6

    now i have abd time help me to get job online too

  7. malen nak
    December 3rd, 2010 at 08:50 | #7

    is it true that i thinks work from it the way cna help me to get 5000$/25days

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